Three Mistakes To Avoid During Child Custody Proceedings

17 July 2017
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Getting a divorce is never easy, but it can be especially difficult when there are children involved. It doesn't matter if you are trying to get full custody or partial, there are things you can do that can compromise your chances. Don't make a mistake you will later regret. 

#1:  Not managing your emotions

Don't let your temper get the best of you. A divorce is a high-emotion period of your life, so it is only natural for it to be more difficult to control your emotions. Unfortunately, even a minor show of temperature can impact your chances of custody. Do not lose your temper at any time when working with your ex or their legal team. Also, carefully watch what you say and how you react in public, including on social media or in front of shared friends or relatives. In fact, it's a good idea to keep all information about your divorce, custody issues, and ex off of social media completely, as it can be very easy to misconstrue even an innocent posting as being angry or rude.

#2: Ignoring your responsibilities

If you are ordered to any interim requirements while awaiting the custody hearing, make sure you follow through on them. These include temporary custody or visitation schedules as well as child or spousal support. Failing to follow through on visitation can especially hurt you, since it can be difficult to increase custody if the court sees you aren't taking advantage of the schedule you already have. Failure to pay support is just as damaging, since this can be illegal as well as irresponsible. Even if your ex tells you payment isn't necessary, follow the court orders to ensure you are safe.

#3: Avoiding settling down

If you have to downsize your life after the divorce, such as moving into a small apartment or starting from scratch when it comes to all of your belongings, it can be hard to return to the stability your life likely had before the divorce. Yet, when it comes to getting custody of your children, a stable home is a necessity. Make sure you can provide your kids with a dedicated place in a decently appointed home or apartment, preferably their own room that is decorated with their items. When they visit, focus on following familiar routines and being a responsible parent. This means working with your ex to develop a parenting plan that applies no matter which parent the children are staying with.

For more help, contact a family law professional in your area.