Accidents That May Be Eligible for Victim Compensation

21 March 2018
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If you have been injured in an accident, you may wonder whether you should seek compensation for your damages. People who incur personal injuries in accidents that don't involve vehicles may assume that compensation is only available for auto accident victims. However, there are many other types of accidents for which victims can be compensated. Here are a few of them.

Dog Bite Incidents

People who are bitten by dogs may be eligible for compensation. Most states have leash laws that require pet owners to keep their dog on a leash when in public. Nevertheless, many people do not abide by these restrictions. 

If a pet owner does not properly control his or her animal and the animal attacks a victim, the pet owner's negligence caused the accident, and he or she is liable for damages. Frequently, the pet owner has homeowner's insurance that will help pay for the victim's damages.

Still, the insurance representatives may be reluctant to pay without pressure from the attorneys of the dog bite victim. With proper legal representation, the victim may be eligible for many of the damages that an auto accident victim could recover, such as lost wages, medical bills, property losses, and pain and suffering.

Playground Injuries

Kids can incur injuries when faulty playground equipment fails. Old or well-used playground items may be in disrepair when used by a child. As the equipment fails, the child may fall victim to a playground accident.

Playground owners usually have liability insurance that helps cover the cost of a young victim's damages. Even if the playground is owned by a public entity, such as a school or city, retribution can still be sought.

In-Store Falls

Hazardous conditions may occur as a person shops or visits a local store. Wet floors or obstructions in the path of customers can result in a serious accident. Broken bones and other injuries may be incurred.

Store representatives are responsible for posting a notice of hazardous conditions in a timely manner so that customers can exercise adequate caution. Yet store employees may not post wet floor signs and other notices where they are easily visible, or the employees may delay posting a notice. When the negligence of the workers cause a customer to be injured, the victim may be due compensation.

If you have been injured in an accident and do not know whether or not you are eligible for compensation, schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney such as Walter Bailey Law Firm.