Do You Suspect The Trucker Who Hit You Was Drunk?

30 May 2019
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Getting in a car accident, especially when the other vehicle is a large truck, is a truly unnerving experience. But what if, based on the events that immediately follow the accident, you suspect the trucker who hit you was drunk? Although drunk driving is never a good thing, if the driver is found to have been drunk at the time of the crash, this fact could actually make the process of receiving compensation for your claims a bit easier. Here's a closer look.

Drunk driving is a common problem among truck drivers.

You might figure that the last time anyone would ever drive drunk would be behind the wheel of a large semi — and this thought may cause you to question whether the driver really was drunk or just shaken up. But rest assured, drunk driving is a common problem in semi-truck drivers. One study found that 50% of the truckers surveyed drank alcohol and that 12.5% of American truck drivers tested positive for alcohol use. If you have any reason at all to suspect the driver who hit you was drunk, bring it up to your lawyer, the insurance company, and even your doctors. They will take you seriously because this is a common and unfortunate problem. 

The driver will likely be tested.

Because drunk driving is such a common problem in truck drivers, and because it plays such a huge role in liability, most officers will require that a driver involved in an accident is tested for drugs and alcohol. So, if you were badly injured in the accident and unable to observe what happened on the scene, don't be too worried—there's a good chance there are already test results on file.

If the driver was drunk, they'll be liable.

If the driver is found to have been under the influence of alcohol, little else will matter when it comes to determining liability in your case. Your lawyer can help you sue the driver, their insurance company, and perhaps also the trucking company for funds to cover the damages. The driver will also lose their license, so this will remove the possibility of them causing any future accidents in the same manner.

If you suspect that the truck driver who hit you was drunk at the time of the accident, make sure you bring up this suspicion to your lawyer. Most truck accident attorneys are well familiar with this unfortunately common scenario.