Will Your Holiday Decorations Place You At Risk Of Injury?

16 December 2015
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Each year, Americans spend approximately $6 billion dollars or more in holiday decorations. These costs include trees, wreaths, garlands, lights, and inflatable creatures of every imaginable description, as well as many other things. While most people are aware of the fire dangers a live tree may present, most never stop to consider the dangers that many of these other holiday decorations may cause. Unfortunately, holiday decorations can put you and your family at risk of injury in more ways than you can probably imagine. Read More 

The Rise Of Technology: How Virtual Infidelity Affects Divorce

1 September 2015
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With the latest Ashley Madison hack scandal having just surfaced broadcasting the personal information and identity of 37 million members, many couples may begin to wonder whether virtual infidelity has an impact on divorce proceedings. More and more Americans rely on the internet to connect anonymously with others, and at times, this connection can lead to virtual infidelity in the form of cybersex, nude photos or even emotional infidelity. However, if there is no physical harm, does that automatically mean that there was no foul? Read More