Over Age 50 And Disabled? Widow(Er)S Take Note: SSA Has A Special Entitlement Process That Applies To You

18 January 2018
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Normally, a widow or widower who expects to be entitled to benefits on a deceased spouse's Social Security has to wait until he or she is aged 60 or older to collect. That changes, however, if the widow(er) is disabled. In that case, benefits can begin as soon as the widow(er) reaches the age of 50. There are some important additional fact, however, that you should know if you are thinking about filing -- especially if you happen to be discouraged by all the horror stories you've heard about how hard it is to get approved for benefits these days. Read More 

Why Obtaining A Lawyer For Your Custody Case Is Essential

9 January 2018
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Too many people make the mistake of trying to represent themselves in their child custody case. It might be because they think that their case is a slam dunk. Then again, they might think that having an attorney would not make a difference in the outcome of the case, which is not always the case. To help you understand why you should always have a lawyer that specializes in family law services by your side in such cases, you will want to keep reading. Read More