The Importance of Prompt Contact with a Personal Injury Attorney

19 October 2023
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Understanding the Role of a Personal Injury Attorney A personal injury attorney specializes in representing individuals who've suffered injuries due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. These professionals have a deep understanding of the law and use their expertise to ensure that their clients receive fair compensation for their injuries. Ensuring Timely Collection and Preservation of Evidence One of the primary reasons to contact a personal injury attorney immediately is the need for prompt collection and preservation of evidence. Read More 

DUI Checkpoints: Your Rights And Responsibilities

7 September 2023
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Driving under the influence (DUI) remains a significant public concern, and law enforcement agencies continue to seek effective methods to deter intoxicated driving. One such method, the DUI checkpoint, is employed across many states. But as you approach those flashing police lights, it's essential to know both your rights and your responsibilities. The Legality of DUI Checkpoints DUI checkpoints are legal in many states, having been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1990 case of Michigan Dept. Read More 

Navigating Red Light Violations

26 July 2023
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Red light violations are one of the most common traffic offenses that drivers encounter on the road. Running a red light can have serious consequences. The good news is that legal assistance can help drivers avoid the worst consequences of a red light violation. Here's what you might want to know before your traffic court case. Understanding Red Light Violations Red light violations occur when a driver fails to stop at a red traffic signal or enters the intersection after the light has turned red. Read More 

Hurt Workers And Maximum Medical Improvement

14 June 2023
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Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is a term used in workers' compensation claims to describe the point at which an injured worker's medical condition has stabilized, and further improvement is not expected. It signifies that the injured worker has reached a state where they have recovered as much as medically possible or have reached a plateau in their healing process. MMI plays a significant role in workers' compensation claims because it impacts various aspects of the claim, including the determination of benefits and potential settlement negotiations. Read More 

What To Know If Your Injury Case Involves Criminal Matters Too

28 April 2023
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Many accidents and incidents involving personal injury are litigated solely through lawsuits, some involve criminal matters. The criminal law end of things might range from a police officer giving a ticket for a driving offense at the scene of an accident all the way to someone charged with criminal negligence or even manslaughter. Victims of such an incident rightly wonder what effect this has on their case. To help answer your questions about the intersection of criminal and civil proceedings, here are five key things to know. Read More