4 Reasons Why Your Social Security Disability Claims May Be Denied

18 May 2022
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Social security disability benefits allow people with severe health conditions or injuries to get assistance in catering to their daily needs. However, some people face denials to their disability claims due to various reasons. Hiring a social security lawyer increases your chances of getting your social security approvals. 

Here are four reasons why your social security claims have been unsuccessful.

1. Your Income Is in a Higher Percentile

Social security benefits target people who cannot work. However, some people with disabilities still manage to work. There is a set upper limit for your income if you are to engage in substantial gainful activity. If you are still working and get a monthly income of at least the set state's amount, you will not get the benefits.

2. Your Disability Isn't as Serious as Previously Thought

SSDI benefits are only applicable to people whose medical records confirm they have been impaired for more than 12 months or if the disability can result in death. People with vision impairments are usually the only exception to this rule. 

The administration will investigate your medical records to decide if you'll qualify. If you fail to present medical records and documentation supporting your claim, your application may get denied. 

3. You Don't Do Your Prescription or Therapy as Required

Doctors will often have a laid-out treatment plan to help you regain your ability or improve your situation. Social security administration follows up with your medical treatment records and plans to understand if you attend your appointments to improve your condition.

Failure to follow the doctor's prescription without just cause will force the SSA to deny your claims request. Some acceptable reasons that the SSA may allow can include financial, physical, mental, or emotional reasons that are unavoidable. Also, if the treatment plan will not restore your ability, then the SSA will not hold you to the program and can't deny the benefits of your claim. 

4. You Are Unwilling to Cooperate

The SSDI benefits process is a transparent and lengthy one where the SSA needs to verify the information given. If you don't honor their request to present specific information, the SSA may deny your claims request. They will also investigate your life choices. For example, if they find that you are an alcoholic or got injured while committing a crime, they may deny your request. 

So, if you don't feel confident with the documentation and application of these SSDI benefits, or you have a social security dispute that's bugging you, hire a social security attorney to help you through the process.