The Personal Representative And Your Loved One’s Estate: What To Know

22 March 2023
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A personal representative (or executor) is appointed and certified by the probate court to oversee certain important estate duties during probate. As a loved one, you must both cooperate and monitor the personal representative as they perform their tasks. For some tips on doing that, read on.  Making the Process Smoother You can do a lot to make sure that the probate process is successful no matter how complex the estate might be. Read More 

A Child Custody Dispute With A Bitter Spouse

14 February 2023
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Did you mention the topic of legally separating to your spouse and they threatened to keep your children away from you? If you are worried because you know you are a good parent but have to travel a lot for work, hire an attorney to gain peace of mind. Just because you have a job that requires traveling does not mean that your spouse has the right to keep your children away from you. Read More 

3 Things a Workers Comp Attorney Will Do to Get Your Outstanding Medical Bills Paid

9 January 2023
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When you are injured at work, you'll need medical care. The last thing you want to worry about is how to pay for your treatment costs. Unfortunately, your unpaid bills can quickly pile up if your workers compensation claim isn't approved immediately. This can put an incredible amount of stress on an already difficult situation and even result in medical debt. The good news is that a qualified workers' compensation attorney can help get your outstanding medical bills paid. Read More 

2 Reasons To Hire An Attorney When You Are Interested In Purchasing Tax Sale Properties

9 December 2022
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While looking at properties to buy, you may have started to research purchasing homes through tax sales. Because these homes are going up for sale to pay for unpaid taxes, the prices are often cheaper than other houses you have found for sale, making them an attractive potential investment. However, purchasing properties through tax sales can seem daunting, requiring someone who knows the ins and outs of the process. Below are a couple of reasons that you should hire an attorney if you are interested in getting started with looking for and buying tax sale properties. Read More 

Preparing A Nursing License Defense For Patient Neglect

27 October 2022
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Satisfactory patient care is the goal of healthcare facilities. So, when administration receives a claim alleging patient neglect, they will take it seriously. Sometimes, these allegations do not just involve disciplinary actions involving the healthcare facility, they sometimes also threaten the licensure of the nurse. When a matter escalates to this point, it is essential to take this matter seriously and prepare a defense.  Detail the Full Story Now is not the time to carry the entire load on your shoulders. Read More