The Potential Risks and Benefits of Accepting a Plea Bargain

9 May 2017
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When facing criminal charges, your criminal defense attorney might approach you with a plea bargain offer from the court. You have the right to think about the plea bargain and decide whether to accept or reject it. Both options have potential risks and benefits. As you make this decision, it will be very important to weigh these risks and benefits before making your decision. Here are some tips to help you with this.

Always Ask Your Lawyer for Advice

The first thing to understand about criminal charges is you should never try to handle them on your own. You need a criminal defense lawyer for help, and your lawyer will help you fully understand what the plea bargain is, what it means, and how it can affect you. When the court makes the offer, you will benefit most by discussing it with your lawyer. Keep in mind that your lawyer knows the legal system, and you should typically follow the advice your lawyer gives when it comes to accepting or rejecting a plea bargain.

Understand the Potential Risks and Benefits of Accepting or Rejecting the Plea Bargain

One thing the attorney will talk to you about is the risks and benefits of accepting the plea bargain. If you accept it, you are taking one big risk. If you decide to go through a criminal trial, the court may find you innocent of the charges. Therefore, the risk of accepting the plea is that you will not have the chance to see if the court finds you innocent.

The benefit of accepting the plea bargain is that the court will offer you a reduced charge or a lighter punishment. If you go through the trial and the court finds you guilty, you will face a more severe charge and a harsher punishment for it. If you are stuck with the original charges on your record, it could hurt you in the future. This may prevent you from getting a good job, and it may stop you from doing other things you want to do.

Facing criminal charges can be scary and overwhelming, and this is why it is vital to hire a good criminal defense attorney, especially if the court handling your case offers you a plea bargain in exchange for a guilty plea. If you need an attorney to help you with your case, try searching for criminal defense attorneys like or look for an experienced attorney in your area.