Are You Opening A New Manufacturing Plant? Find Out How An Environmental Law Attorney May Be Beneficial To You

25 May 2017
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Opening a new manufacturing plant is no easy task. You have to find land suitable to build on and zoned for commercial projects. Then you need to construct the plant. You also need to obtain the permits needed to operate and open the plant. And lastly, you need to find employees. If you are opening a manufacturing plant, an environmental law attorney can be a great asset to you. Here are a few of the ways that they can help you as you seek to open this new building.

They Can Work to Obtain Environmental Permits

Before you can open any type of manufacturing plant, you will need to obtain environmental permits. The exact type of permits and licenses varies based on many factors, including the city, county and state your business is located in and the type of business you have. An environmental law attorney can help you determine what permits and licenses your business needs and then help you file the correct paperwork. This helps prevent any delays that can be caused if you do not know what permits you need or improperly fill out the forms.

They Can Represent You Against Environmental Challenges

In many cases, the community is given the opportunity to review environmental permits and have a say or issue a challenge if they feel the business is bad in their neighborhood or for the local environment. Fighting these claims can be time consuming. An environmental law attorney can represent you and your business at community meetings and hearings to help ensure you have public support and keep the locals in the area happy.

They Can Ensure You Are Following Environmental Guidelines and Regulations

The last benefit to hiring an environmental law attorney to help you when opening a new manufacturing plant is that they can ensure your business is following environmental guidelines and regulations. There are many different types of guidelines and regulations your business must follow. Unfortunately, determining which apply to your business can be complex. If you fail to follow a rule or guideline, your business can receive heavy fines from environmental protection agencies. A lawyer can help you determine which guidelines and regulations apply to your business and help you implement them, helping you to avoid these heavy fines and possible negative publicity.

Opening a new manufacturing plant is a huge project. Having the right team onboard can help make the process go as smoothly as possible. As you look to open a new manufacturing plant, consider hiring an environmental law attorney to help you with your project. For more information, contact a business such as Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke-Chartered.