Don't Do Any of These Five Things at DUI Checkpoints

16 June 2017
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The police sometimes build checkpoints for drivers who drive under the influence. Most motorists abhor these DUI checkpoints, but you can easily drive through them if you know what to do and what to avoid. For example, you should never do any of these four things when there is a DUI checkpoint ahead:

Drive Erratically

Careful driving is important always, especially if you are approaching a DUI checkpoint. Police manning such a checkpoint only need the slightest reason to pull you over, and erratic driving is one of the more visible ones. Therefore, no weaving, abrupt acceleration, or abrupt braking if you want to sail through a DUI checkpoint. In fact, this is the time to ensure you are obeying all traffic laws.

Have Liquor in the Car

If you have liquor in your car, better put them out of sight before driving home, especially if there is a DUI checkpoint somewhere on your route. For one, having an open bottle of alcohol in your car can attract the criminal charges of open container laws. Secondly, both open and closed containers of booze will arouse the suspicions of the officers at the checkpoint. Even an officer who wanted to wave you through will become more inquisitive if they see alcohol in your car.

Drive a Defective Vehicle

In some situations, police officers at a DUI checkpoint may not be able to stop all cars passing through the point. Given a choice between pulling over a perfectly maintained car and another one with damaged headlamps, which one do you think the officers will flag down?

Obviously, it pays to make sure your car remains in tip top shape. However, if you are already on the road and your car has some defects, then you are better off taking an alternative route. If you have opted for an alternative route, make sure you choose it long before approaching the checkpoint. Don't wait to make a U-turn only when you see the checkpoint up ahead.

Antagonize the Officers

Lastly, if you do get stopped, play it cool to get out of the situation as soon as possible. Even if you aren't legally drunk, you will only create more problems for yourself if you start whining about your rights or the legality of the checkpoint. Your best course of action is to be courteous, calm, and polite. This doesn't mean you have to admit to anything.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you sail through DUI checkpoints without any trouble from the police. If you do get arrested, it's best not to admit to anything; consult with your lawyer before giving any statements to the police. For more information visit some law websites, like