3 Critical Reasons To Work Closely With A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

21 January 2022
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Older adults are perhaps the most vulnerable group today because they usually depend on others for their daily care, meals, health care, and financial decisions. Many families take their older loved ones to a nursing home to be taken care of. Sadly, this doesn't always happen because they are sometimes mistreated or neglected. If the facility doesn't offer your loved one quality medical care or a comfortable and safe environment and instead mistreats them, you can file an abuse claim. In this case, you should hire a competent nursing home abuse attorney for the following reasons.

They Help You Obtain Accurate Evidence

Strengthening a nursing home abuse claim requires you to gather accurate evidence. However, the facility may deliberately destroy or alter the evidence it should voluntarily produce to weaken your case. A nursing home abuse attorney comes in handy because they can compel the facility to relinquish the evidence or investigate the matter before it's altered. 

Most lawyers file subpoenas that permit them to obtain any hidden or withheld evidence. By so doing, they can access the staff's keycard data and the victim's relevant treatment records to get all facts right. Moreover, they assess the facility's training and hiring procedures, staff schedules, and the eyewitness or medical expert's deposition to strengthen the claim.

They Monitor Settlement Calculations

Although the victim should be fully compensated, that may not happen when something goes wrong when calculating their settlement. If you aren't careful, you will ignore and omit some damages when seeking compensation. This means you may end up getting an unfair settlement due to miscalculations, which a nursing home abuse attorney could have helped you avoid. All the victim's medical costs due to mistreatment or negligence should be compensated. Unfortunately, the victim may lose them, including other punitive and non-economic damages, when a lawyer isn't involved in settlement calculations.

They Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

You will likely make several mistakes when handling the abuse claim yourself. Where possible, you should avoid making critical mistakes because they will derail the case or collapse it completely. For instance, don't post anything about the abuse case on your social media platforms or provide a recorded statement unless your lawyer has asked you to do so. 

You could also weaken your claim if it's established that you didn't track damages or mitigate them or if you misplaced some pertinent documents. Such mistakes will only lead to unexplained delays and costly disputes. Luckily, a seasoned nursing home abuse attorney will help you keep any critical mistakes at bay and attract a favorable verdict. Contact a nursing home abuse attorney in your area to learn more.