Creating A Will? Why A Reputable Will Attorney Should Help You Do It

1 March 2022
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Writing a will is one of your vital responsibilities. However, creating one isn't as simple as some people think. Actually, you need a lot of legal guidance when writing a will to avoid any regrets in the future and unnecessary disputes among your beneficiaries. A will is usually a legal document that illustrates how your assets or property will be distributed to your heirs. It also indicates who will serve as the executor to ensure the assets are properly transferred. Unfortunately, many people take the will lightly and even assume they can create it without seeking legal help. It would help if a will attorney helped you write a will for the following reasons.

The Attorney Ensures Your Will Meets All Legal Requirements

Now that a will is a legal document, it needs to meet specific legal requirements to be effective. If you don't involve a will attorney when drafting it, you may end up with an ineffective one. Of course, creating a will by yourself is a shorter and inexpensive route, but it eventually causes serious problems. Hiring a lawyer when drafting a will makes a lot of sense because they ensure it doesn't violate any of the outlined legal requirements. Did you know that what you intend to do with your assets or property may sometimes be against the law? For this reason, you need a will attorney to clarify a few things to ensure you create a more effective will.

The Attorney Helps You List down Your Assets in the Will

You can list your assets and properties in your will, but you may have issues if you don't do it accurately. Most people don't know that there are properties they don't need to list in their will. For instance, you shouldn't list jointly-owned assets in your will because serious distribution issues might arise. The property and assets you list in the will depend on certain factors, so you should first seek legal advice.

If you, for instance, have an insurance policy, you can distribute its proceeds if the policy has a designated beneficiary. In most cases, this works more effectively if the beneficiary's designation is irrevocable. So you need a will attorney to guide you when writing a will to know when the insurance policy's proceeds can be disposed of.

The Attorney Ensures the Will Is Complete

It's easy to forget critical details when writing a will or even mistakenly leave out an important person. For instance, a will might not be complete if some legal heirs are left out. Also, some heirs might challenge the will later if you didn't give them equal shares. If you have minor children, you need to name a guardian for them and an executor for your will to be complete. And since it's easy to leave out some critical details when creating a will, it's vital to seek help from a will attorney. 

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