Whiplash After an Accident: More Damaging Than Many Know

12 August 2022
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Whiplash is perhaps the most frequent accident injury. However, don't dismiss whiplash just because it seems so common. Whiplash can create problems for accident victims, and they deserve compensation if the other driver caused the injury. Read on and find out more.

Hit from Behind

Almost all whiplash injuries are the result of being rear-ended. Although auto manufacturers have done a good job of making vehicles safer, restraining a driver's head is not possible. When hit from behind or even from the side, the head snaps in a violent motion. The resulting injury can cause pain, tingling, numbness, dizziness, and more.

Dealing with Whiplash

Those who are about to suffer from whiplash might think they escaped the accident with little to no injuries. That is because whiplash may only become apparent after a few hours. If you notice any symptoms, get to the emergency room right away. The doctor will perform some evaluations including a CT scan to determine the presence of whiplash along with the degree of it. In many cases, whiplash will get worse as time goes on. In some people, it gradually gets better but some may be left with permanent problems with their neck, upper back, and head.

To be compensated for whiplash, seek medical treatment and follow the doctor's orders. You might be asked to wear a cervical collar around your neck. This foam collar prevents you from turning your head and is meant to give your muscles and tendons a rest for a few days.

Speak to a Lawyer

You might not realize how something like whiplash can impact your life. To be on the safe side, speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can after the accident. They will instruct you on what to do to ensure you are paid for your injuries and more.

You may need to continue to see a doctor about your whiplash and other injuries until you are healed. Abandoning treatment too soon can send the wrong message to the other driver's insurer about your injuries. Whiplash may not be taken seriously by the other side, even when it has affected your life in a negative manner. If you miss work because of your injuries, provide your lawyer with information about your lost wages so that you can be paid.

Avoid speaking with the other side by getting a lawyer on your side. Speak to a personal injury law practice such as the Law Office of Hugh Best to find out more.