A Child Custody Dispute With A Bitter Spouse

14 February 2023
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Did you mention the topic of legally separating to your spouse and they threatened to keep your children away from you? If you are worried because you know you are a good parent but have to travel a lot for work, hire an attorney to gain peace of mind. Just because you have a job that requires traveling does not mean that your spouse has the right to keep your children away from you. If you believe your spouse is trying to interfere with your relationship with the children out of bitterness about the separation, it is all the more reason to hire an attorney. He or she might be capable of doing more than you think, such as punishing you in other ways for wanting to separate.

Mental Abuse is Stressful for Children

If your spouse goes through with keeping your children away from you, it could be seen as a form of mental abuse. Although your spouse is acting out of bitterness towards you, he or she is indirectly causing harm to the children as well. Children have to live with the fear that they may not get to spend time with you anymore. You need an attorney's help because they can prevent such a situation from occurring. You might need to get an emergency custody order if you believe your spouse's behavior is affecting the children.

You Have the Right to Travel for Work

Your job does not give your spouse the automatic right to sole custody of the children. An arrangement can be made where you have custody of the children during the times you are not traveling. Depending on how long you are away when you travel, you might even be able to get equal custody of the children. An attorney is helpful because he or she can help to decide which type of custody arrangement is ideal for your children. The key is to put some type of legal custody arrangement in place that forbids your spouse from keeping the kids away from you.

Your Spouse Might Hire an Attorney

Other than protecting your parental rights, you need to hire an attorney in case your spouse decides to hire his or her own attorney. No matter how good of a parent you are, your chance of winning the dispute is lower without your own attorney. Hiring an attorney helps you to prepare for anything your spouse claims, as well as present solid evidence.

For more information, contact a child custody attorney near you.